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The Santa Barbara Wireless Foundation currently operates two AIS (Automatic Identification System) receivers for receiving automated reports from ships at sea. One is located on Santa Ynez Peak, and the other is located at our main repeater site above the Mesa. The data we receive is decoded, analyzed, and recorded in hourly log files 24/7. Historical data can be provided for scientific and other research purposes on request. Click here

The data below shows the last 100 AIS reports our receivers have heard from ships less than 100 miles away, have a length longer than 30 feet, and moving at least 1 mile per hour. The Distance and Compass Direction columns (5 and 6) are calculated from the mouth of the Santa Barbara harbor. This page will refresh automatically every 60 seconds.

The Santa Barbara Wireless Foundation is a nonprofit, public benefit foundation organized to develop and support wireless telecommunications technologies in support of public safety, emergency communications, community service and scientific research in the Santa Barbara region.