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The Santa Barbara Wireless Foundation is a nonprofit, public benefit foundation organized to develop and support wireless telecommunications technologies in support of public safety, emergency communications, community service and scientific research in the Santa Barbara region.

The Santa Barbara Wireless Foundation is an all volunteer organization and consists entirely of licensed amateur radio operators with decades of experience in various disciplines including radio communications, emergency communications, engineering, education, cyber security and information technology.

Our mission is to advise and assist other non-profit groups with communications related challenges by leveraging our wide area of expertise. We serve organizations engaged in services that benefit the public such as first responders, animal rescue, event communications, scientific research, aviation safety, and emergency preparedness.

The Santa Barbara Wireless Foundation also maintains a commercially licensed repeater with wide area coverage of the Santa Barbara area. We can provide ad-hoc communications to served organizations to assist in emergency situations or in cases where their normal communications infrastructure is insufficient or unavailable.

Diablo Peak Image Capture

Latest live image from the Santa Cruz Island Webcam, owned and maintained by the Santa Barbara Wireless Foundation.

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